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Premium children apparel that lets kids identify as heroes and supports them to be Heroes.

We’ve seen our kids try new things, be braver and be kinder when they dress in our herowear and we give them the right messages. Visit our Instagram Empower Highlights to see for yourself.

The passion that kids have around heroes is the energy we want to harness — and use for Good. Looking like a hero is the first step of behaving like a Hero.

For that we design clothes embedded with good values – generosity, love, friendship — inspired in kids’ heroes and make it in Portugal, under my careful supervision.

Academy and ACtion

Being able to dress as a hero is only the start of being part of WEEROES.

We also help children understand how they can be Heroes and help them and their families be Heroes.

WEEROES Academy are fun, creative events, developed with school teachers and other specialists, where kids think about what makes someone a Hero and learn how they too can be Heroes.

WEEROES Action events will bring together kids and families to support youth protection and development charities from their local areas.

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