Designer apparel that lets kids identify as heroes and supports them to be Heroes through Academy and Action events.

Kids try new things, are braver and kinder when they put on our herowear and are given the right messages. See for yourself at our Instagram Empower Highlights.

Herowear sales fund our Academy and Action programs.

Harness their passion for heroes and use it to create a nicer World.

Our customers testimonials

Bennie loved it. Wore the pants all weekend long! They didn’t want anything else!” J., Mother of 3

They started jumping for the first time! Hadn’t done that yet… I was afraid they’d fall but they were careful and kept going!” A., Mother of E.

They put on their jackets, set aside their tablet and phone and spent the rest of the meal quietly decorating their heromasks and drawing… We loved it!” C., Mother of 2

Nono woke up the next day and put on the sweatshirt immediately. Louisa wanted her rainbow shorts. They love the fact they got to chose it, they love it!” C., Mother of 2

As soon as they put it on, they transformed. I’ve never seen anything like it. They put on this serious face, started doing hero poses and then took off running and jumped flying onto the sofa… 5 times!” V., Father of L.

No, I’m a hero.” A., 5 years old, answering a lady who asked “Is that a Wonder-Woman t-shirt?

Weeeeeeeeeee!” F., 2 years old, after they put on wings and took off running…

It’s not a costume. It’s herowear.