Our Story

WEEROES Kids Clothing S.L. is a limited liability company incorporated in Madrid, Spain, wholly owned by me, Duarte Julio Pitta Ferraz

It’s a personal passion project born out of my love for my child and children; my wish that they enjoy their childhoods before growing up; and my desire to help families help them become stronger, smarter and kinder Humans once they do.


We can be Heroes. But I only understood that a few years ago. And I couldn’t have done it without my child – Star.

They were never fond of grown up clothes and bland kid’s fashion. They’re no haute-couture expert, but they sure know how to dress to have a good time.

During Carnaval – a dress-up festivity of Portugal – I noticed they were extremely happy. Very happy and excited. So much that they did everything to wear their costume for days, long after the holiday had passed.

One day I understood they weren’t dressing up. Those clothes weren’t costumes. That was Star being themselves. Being proud, happy and excited of dressing like their hero.

That was the day I found out about SuperStar, my child’s not-so-secret identity, and thought of a way to make hero clothes that kids can wear everyday. Not to dress copying someone else — but to be their own hero. I call them “herolooks”.

WEEROES inspire kids to help others.

WEEROES families communicate how children can be heroic.

WEEROES help charities that protect and empower youths.

WEEROES go out and do their part to make the World a better place.

And WEEROES do this every day with herowear that is comfortable and stylish, made for kids.

Will you help me?

DJ, SuperStar’s dad and “The Major” of WEEROES