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Cut-out hero-masks

Nothing says “heroes” quite like a mask to hide your real identity.

Superheroes often try to keep their real identity a secret for reasons of modesty and humility – avoid public attention – and also to keep enemies from seeking revenge.

Getting your child to make a hero mask is a fun, creative and insightful experience. Children at our Academy events – and at regular family lunches and dinners – always reacted wonderfully when given a hero mask to make for themselves.

It’s a fun crafts project around the theme “Heroes”. Download our heromasks at the bottom of the page and print them out in thick paper or cardboard.

You’ll need:

  • a pair of scissors
  • a thin elastic band (rubber or textile)
  • an x-cutter (it’s the best to cut out the mask’s eye holes, adult supervision recommended)
  • Every creative material you can get your hands on! Colouring pens (avoids needing a sharpener), small stickers, silk paper, the more and varied the better!
  • You can also get coloured, shiny or holographic cardboard and use the cutout masks to draw the shapes and cut out directly on the cardboard.

Print them on cardboard. Let your child cut-out the mask (helps developing fine motor skills). Depending on their age, either let them or help them cut the holes for eyes with an x-cutter. Either make small holes on the side of the mask for the elastics or use a stapler (edges on the outside of the mask so as to not hurt the child’s skin). Obviously them, let them create!!

You can do this at home, as a birthday party entertainment, or even carry them in a backpack with the required materials. I’ve had kids put aside phones and tablets and make brilliant masks. Of course always pair it with blank pieces of paper so after the masks they can continue drawing and creating with the materials you already have!

Besides stimulating creativity and developing their fine motor skills, making a hero mask will help you engage them on Heroes. Check out out tips on talking to kids about Heroes!

Let us know how you get along with the masks. If you have any suggestions, let us know!