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Talking to kids about Heroes

We’ve now done our second Landing event, in Porto, 50km from where our clothes are made. End of the month we go international, to Madrid.

It’s been very busy and lots of hard work, but worthwhile after seeing how children are amazed when they see their herowear, peaceful and thoughtful when doing the art projects around “Who’s your Hero?”.

Parents and families are reacting surprised to understand this is not just a clothing brand, but also about beneficial activities: WEEROES Academy – teaching kids how they can be Heroes – and WEEROES Action events – fundraising for local causes of children protection and empowerment. We’ll develop this in a later post, stay tuned.

The reactions of children are neverendingly beautiful… They enter our spaces, look at our herowear carefully displayed on the walls and on tables at their height. “When you go be a Hero, how would you like to dress?” Kind and polite, they don’t know if they can touch the displays, so we do it for them. Once they understand it’s all there for them, they feel at home. Our walls become their wardrobe for the day. They chose their herowear looks. They combine pieces from two looks, they try one and then another. Some try on the main pieces to wear with their jeans or t-shirts, others go Full Gear Up with our accessories.

Night Shade – their heroname – says Black Panther is their hero and that “I want to be a Hero when I grow up”. They chose our Sky Patroller look, full on. Strong red and black, with Blackbird wings. With an internal energy source stronger than Iron Man, they spread their arms wide and ran around playing until it was lunch time. I’ll address the rest of our conversation with them on “How do you think Black Panther was when they were a kid?” in another post. Talking to children is an adventure in itself…

Z-Star says all our top pieces need to be able to have wings on them. One of the four looks doesn’t – it has a cape – but they were so serious about it, I’m taking their suggestion equally seriously. They were into Twilight, our Magic look, for peaceful children with a strong Spirit and Soul. Less boom and bang and more subtle and thoughtful.

We’re taking children who are inspired by heroes seriously. It’s not just fun clothes, it’s ceasing the moment to talk about what it means to be a Hero. What makes someone a Hero? Doing the right thing when it is necessary. But don’t give them the answer, let them get there on their own. WEEROES are here to help you do it.