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The Power to Believe in themselves

My father noticed my child liked Doc McStuffins, a Disney show of a child that is a doctor for toys. He could’ve gone to a store and bought her the doll, but instead he shows up at our house with a real stethoscope he bought at a Medical supply shop. My child listened to the heart, lungs and stomach of everyone in the house, then took it to school and showed all their colleagues and friends in the school yard how our bodies make these funny noises inside them.

Creating their hero identity.

Take children seriously, you’ll be surprised to find they are more mature than you thought. This is why when I saw kids like heroes, I decided to take them seriously. Batman walks into a tailor asking for a new suit and they reply “Double breasted or two-button?” or “Maybe the gentleman will find something more appropriate at Toys R’ Us?”. This is unacceptable.

The days superheroes had their underwear on the outside of their pants or went around saving the World in Robin Hood stockings is over. At least for children. I’m here to empower them to dress like heroes in everyday comfortable and fashionable clothes. I call it “herowear”. Cause real Heroes go heroing everyday.

It’s been working! Check our our Instagram Stories to see how our little WEEROES, just by dressing one or two of pieces of our herowear, are transformed: they jump (for the first time); they climb ropes at the jungle gym (for the first time); they dive head first into the waves at the beach.

They feel empowered, they feel special, they feel protected. I wasn’t sure this would happen, but I was hoping. And I’ve now seen it does. Just wearing WEEROES herowear gives kids Power. The Power to Believe in themselves.

They’re ready to be a hero. Do you believe in them?

But this is just the beginning. What happens when families start talking to their WEEROES about Heroes? Stay tuned to find out!